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free printable sheet music for flute

Please feel free to download and play the music on this page.

easy & intermediate duets

. .  An Old Man Would Be Wooing (Rossini)  PDF   MP3

. .  Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine  PDF

easy & intermediate trios

. .  British Grenadier's March  PDF  MP3

. .  Cinderella Waltz  PDF  MP3

. .  Dame Durden Kept Five Serving Girls  PDF  MP3

. .  Laughing Trio  PDF  MP3

. .  The Mellow Horn  PDF  MP3

. .  Robin Adair  PDF  MP3

. .  Pachelbel's Canon (in B flat!)  PDF  MP3

. .  Union Waltz  PDF  MP3

resources for teachers

. . Blank Practice Sheets  PDF

. . Staff Paper (Blank, Treble)  PDF

Are the recordings too fast to play along with?  Audacity and the Amazing Slow Downer can help.

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