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from our students...

"For the past two years, I have taken lessons from one of the most talented and unbelievably kind individuals I have ever met. Amy has honestly changed my life in so many ways.  She devotes so much time and energy towards her students, and trust me when I say, it shows!" - Jamie, 20

"In the spirit of my second year in your studio, it's about time that I tell you that you're an awesome teacher!" - Katie, 16

"Thanks for being such a great teacher!  You are always positive and fun. My parents appreciate everything you've done for me, and so do I!" - Erin, 17

"I just wanted to say how much I appreciate you being the BEST flute teacher in the world!" -Tina, 17

"Thanks SO MUCH for the book!   It actually really helped me with my confidence in playing. I am so grateful you are my teacher, Amy!  Thanks for taking a chance on me!" - Jamie, 19

"I am so happy to say that I feel that I have really evolved musically, and accomplished more than I thought possible in terms of playing.  I credit you for all of this.  You are amazing!! " - Sonia, adult

"Amy is the BEST piano teacher EVER!"  - Olivia, 8

"I just wanted to say thank you - you are an incredible teacher and I could never have done this piece without you!" - Rhianne, 17

"I really appreciate how wonderfully patient you have been with me in my efforts to learn to play the flute.  You have always been so encouraging and have taught me so very very much.   You are a wonderful musician and I've had a great opportunity to learn from one of the best, so thank you for your unfailing efforts in sharing this wonderful ability with me." - Ruth, adult

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from our parents...

"Thank you again for your continuous support and trust in Teodora's abilities.  You are amazing!  Teodora loves your teaching and she also enjoys talking to you very much.  You are a great mentor!  Thank you!" - Daniela

"Thank you so much, Amy, for a morning of beautiful music in a very lovely setting.  It was such a pleasure to listen to all the wonderful players who study with you!  Many thanks, too, for all your work with Ursula.  She loves having you as a teacher!" - Michal

"2009-2010 was a major turning point musical year for Jocelyn, and the switch from classical to Irish was the best thing we could have done.  This summer, her flute playing was called on frequently at her summer camp, and I think her training with you gave her that flexibility to jump in and have the adaptability she needed to perform very well."  - Elena

"Shine and I are always talking about you. You are a wonderful teacher!  You gave Shine impressive music lessons that kept him continuing on music. Music brings colourful life to Shine.  Thank you!"- Xue Mei

"We just wanted to express our sincerest thanks for allowing Brooklyn the opportunity to play with the Encore Band.  It was a tremendous experience for her that she truly and thoroughly enjoyed."  Maria

from other teachers...

"I also did a private lesson with [your former student] K. that morning.  WOW is she good!  Very fast ear and great Irish technique.  You do VERY good work, my friend."  - Jason Pfeiffer


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